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Police Dept.

Kickapoo Tribe Police Department

Kickapoo Tribal
Police Department

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Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas

PD Mission Statement

The Mission of every member of the Kickapoo Tribal Police Department is to enhance the quality of life on the Kickapoo Reservation by working cooperatively with the residents and within the framework of the Kickapoo Tribal Constitution and the United States Constitution and to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide for a safe environment and satisfied residents.

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822 K-20 Highway, Suite A
Horton, KS 66439

Police Dispatch: (785) 486-3665
Office: (785) 486-3678
Fax: (785) 486-3779


Department Responsibility

The Kickapoo Tribal Police Department acts as an official representative of the Tribal Government who is required and trusted to work within the law. The officer’s powers and duties are conferred by Federal Statute. The fundamental duties of a police officer include serving the community; safeguarding lives and property; protecting the innocent; keeping the peace; and ensuring the rights of all to liberty, equality and justice.


Department Goals

  1. To improve the quality of life and citizen satisfaction on the Kickapoo Reservation by providing for the safety and well-being of every citizen, their possessions, and property.
  2. To never forget our purpose or sacrifice the most important product we produce: “Service to the Kickapoo Tribe and Reservation”.
  3. To always treat every individual they come in contact with in a fair and impartial manner and will ensure all rights an individual is granted by the Tribal Constitution, Constitution of the State of Kansas and the United States Constitution. 
  4. To continually attempt to solve problems on the reservation rather than just react to the symptoms of those problems.
  5. To continually look for ways to improve service to the Tribe and reservation to improve the level of pride citizens have in their police.
  6. To strive for quality – TO DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.
  7. To be truthful to yourself and others.
  8. To strive for a disciplined, professional work atmosphere where all personnel can be proud to work.


Vision Statement

We will be an organization devoted to improvement, excellence, the maintenance of Tribal satisfaction, and the principles of quality leadership. We will be the best Tribal Police Department in America.


Kickapoo Police Car

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