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Community Health Representative Program

Community Health Representatives transport clients for medical purposes only. At least 24 hours advanced notice should be given to schedule in your appointment for transport. The CHR service is only to be used when no other alternative transportation is available to you.

CHR Program Goals

Transportation Guidelines



To quality for Health and Dental services, you MUST have updated clinic files containing copies of:

  1. Tribal Enrollment Card 
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Birth Certificate for children 18 years and under.
  4. Current Driver’s License



For a “Covered” REFERRAL, you must have Proof of Residency verifying you have lived in the service area the last 180 days. Service area includes Kansas Kickapoo Tribal members in Jackson and Brown County, KS, Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal members residing in Brown County, KS and non-indigenous tribal members residing on or near the Kickapoo Tribal Reservation in Kansas.
And if there is a reasonable expectation that you would qualify for HealthWave, Medicaid/Medicare, you MUST apply. A denial letter from KHPA (Kansas Health Policy Authority) is required for Contract Health Support services. Must meet the Medical Priority Level approved by the Contract Health guidelines and be an active patient of the Health Center. 
Services depend on the availability of funds for the Contract Health Services Program. Contract Health Services Program is the payer of last resort and payments will not be made until all other financial resources have been utilized.



A “Non-covered” REFERRAL is a referral which is provided by the Kickapoo Nation Health Clinic medical personnel and is an important part of the treatment plan; however, Contract Health Services will not financially cover the expense for the referral because it does not meet all the eligibility criteria.