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Enrollment/Per Capita

updated 06-14-2023


Eligibility Requirements For Enrollment With The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas

Automatic Enrollment:

  1. Must possess at least 1/4 degree of Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas blood.
  2. Must have both parents enrolled with the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas.

General Enrollment:

  1. Must possess 1/4 Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas blood
  2. Must have one parent enrolled with the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas.
  3. Must be voted on for acceptance by the General council.

Needed Information:

  1. Certified Birth Certificate.
  2. Social Security Number.
  3. If the father's name does not appear on the Certified Birth Certificate a Paternity Affidavit is required.

Enrollment Ordinance.pdf

Enrollment Application.pdf
Paternity Affidavit.pdf    
Family Tree.pdf

Click on links to download forms. Completed forms can be emailed to joanne.grandstaff@ktik-nsn.gov 

If you have a change of mailing address, phone number, or e-mail address, please complete and return this FORM

Director: JoAnne Grandstaff 
Phone: (785) 741-9575
Fax: (785) 486-2801
Email: JoAnne.Grandstaff@ktik-nsn.gov


The enrollment/per capita office handles tribal enrollment and making photo I.D.’s. If you have not received a new enrollment card with a picture, the first one is free. Any additional cards will be $10.00 as of August 5th, 2010. This office is also tasked with assisting in the administration of the burial fund. For more information, use the contact number above or during the weekends, please call the Kickapoo Tribal Police Department at (785) 486-1227