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Head Start


Updated 06/23/2021


Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas
Head Start Mission Statement

The mission of the Kickapoo Head Start and Early Head Start Program is to enhance children’s growth and development, strengthen families as the primary nurturers of their children, provide children with educational, health and nutritional services, link children and families to needed community services and ensure well-managed programs that involve parents in decision-making as it relates to their children’s overall health and welfare through the Parent Policy Council. Early childhood education is provided by hands on educational, behavioral, physical and social skill developmental learning experiences by trained early childhood education personnel, mental health and special education programs and continual health monitoring to promote successful transition in mainstreamed elementary and secondary educational programs.



Cheryl DuBois - Director



 – Family Advocate / Health Specialist


   Vacant       – Lead Teacher / Early Childhood Supervisor

Dana Patterson – Lead Teacher / Early Childhood Supervisor


Kristina Stone – Associate Teacher / Bus Monitor

Carissa Begesse – Associate Teacher / Bus Monitor


 – Nutrition Specialist

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Head Start Accepts Applications on a Continuing Basis

Applications are available on the website to download and print off or please contact Kickapoo Head Start staff if you should have any questions. The staff is more than willing to visit with you either in the office or in your home to assist with the application or any of the requested documents. We look forward to working with your child and family throughout the program years. Please see attached Eligibility Priority Criteria Sheet regarding the enrollment of children. Make sure to get the application in as soon as possible to increase the chances of your child being enrolled in the program.



Early Head Start is currently accepting applications and has openings for immediate services. Early Head Start is a year round program. Application forms are the same for both Early Head Start and Head Start.

Eligibility Priority Criteria Sheet


Current Programs


What is Head Start?

Head Start is a comprehensive child development program that serves children age three to five and their families. The program is a child-focused program and has the overall goal of increasing school readiness of young children in low-income families. Head Start services are FREE to eligible children

What Can the Head Start Program Offer To My Child?

Head Start provides children with activities that help them grow mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. Head Start helps all children succeed. Staff recognize that, as parents, you are the first and most important teachers of your children. They welcome your involvement in Head Start activities and will work as partners with you to help your child progress. Children participate in a variety of activities in a preschool setting. Children receive healthy meals and snacks and enjoy playing/learning indoors and outdoors in a safe setting. Special services are offered to meet the special needs of children with disabilities.

Head Start staff offer children love, acceptance, understanding and the opportunity to learn and experience success. Head Start children socialize with other children, solve problems, and have other experiences which help them become more self-confident. The children improve their listening and speaking skills. The children spend time in stimulating settings where they form good habits and enjoy playing with toys and working on tasks with classmates. Children leave Head Start more prepared for kindergarten and excited about learning and ready to SUCCEED!! Kickapoo Head Start has enrollment slots for 30 children.

What Would Be My Child’s Routine in the Head Start Program?

The children attend class four days a week, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 to 3:30, with occasional attendance on Friday’s. The program offers bus service for those families that are residing within the service area. 

The children will enjoy a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack while in the program. Family style dining is used at meal times; this is where the children serve their own portions of food and milk. The children also work on proper techniques for brushing daily.

Head Start children enjoy large group (weather, song, books, etc), small groups (writing name, practicing letters, more individualized work), free play, outdoor play, Kickapoo language, field trips, and much more. The children are ready to succeed in Kindergarten when they leave Kickapoo Head Start..

What is Early Head Start?

Early Head Start is a comprehensive child development program that serves prenatal mom and children birth through the age of three. Early Head Start services are FREE to eligible prenatal mothers and children.

What Can the Early Head Start Program Offer To My Child?

Early Head Start provides children with activities that help them grow mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. Early Head Start helps the children and families succeed. Staff recognize that parents are the first and best teacher of young children. 

Early Head Start is a home based program with weekly 90 minute visits. The Child and Family Advocate Home Visitor works one on one with the parents and children to help the family progress and succeed. The Early Head Start program will also complete screenings on the children to assess their developmental levels to detect early delays. The program will prepare the child to enter the Head Start program after their third birthday.

Early Head Start also works with prenatal mothers to assure that they have a regular physician and participate in prenatal appointments. The Child and Family Advocate will provide information to prenatal mothers regarding the development of their child while in the womb and once they are born. They will provide information regarding the benefits of breastfeeding and other important information with their pregnancy. 

What Can Head Start / Early Head Start Offer My Family?

All services are also family-centered, fostering the role of parents as the primary educators and nurturers of, and advocates for, their children. The programs works in close partnership with parents to assist them in developing and utilizing individual and family strengths in order to successfully meet personal and family objectives. Parents are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of the program, from participation in children’s activities to direct involvement in policy and program decisions.

What Will I Need To Enroll My Child in the Head Start / Early Head Start Program?

  • Child’s CDIB Card (if Applicable)
  • Parent’s CDIB Card (if Applicable)
  • Proof of Income
  • Insurance Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Recent Physical / Dental / Immunizations / Hemoglobin / Lead

How Can I Get Involved with the Head Start / Early Head Start Program?

  • Home Visits
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Parent Activities / Socializations
  • Trainings
  • Volunteering
  • Policy Council
  • Parent Committee
  • Parent Input Sheets

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