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Kickapoo Housing Authority

Kickapoo Housing Authority

We are accepting applications for The Tribal Member Rental Assistance program, which supports low-income Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas members living externally of the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas Reservation boundaries. Assistance is provided via a rental stipend, intended to assist with housing costs. Assistance can be provided at a rate of 150/month; maximum six months. Program stipends awarded are mailed directly to your landlord.

We have several openings for the Kickapoo Tribal member college rental assistance program, which will assist you for six months, up to $200.00 per month. Checks are mailed directly to your landlord. You can re-apply and receive an additional six months  for a total of twelve months of assistance with the college assistance

Application for Rental

College Student Rental Assistance Application

Adult Tribal Member Rental Assistance Application


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