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Child Support Enforcement

Updated 06/23/2021

Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas
Child Support Enforcement Mission Statement



Safeguarding the well-being of the Indian child by ensuring parental financial obligations meet the needs of the child.


Enforce parental financial support obligations while integrating and promoting nurturing of the Indian child by fostering responsible and committed behavior of the parents through partnerships of support services, education and training.


To be efficient and responsive to ensure the financial support obligation of the Indian child is met and navigate responsible, committed and nurturing parenting through the use of Tribal services, education and training.


Stacy Caudle – Director
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Jessi Blacksmith – Child Support Specialist
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Shelley Cadue — Child Support Specialist


785-486-2662 ext 223


Available 8:00am – 5:00pm
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Child Support Enforcement Program

The Kickapoo Child Support Enforcement (KCSE) program became a comprehensive child support program meeting federal guidelines in November, 2008. The KSCE program provides paternity establishment, establishment of support orders and enforcement of existing support orders, as well as modification of support orders. To be eligible for the program one of the child/children must be enrolled with a federally recognized tribe, or have lived within the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas 1854 treaty boundaries.

Your application will be reviewed to assure it meets jurisdiction requirements. If not met KCSE will gladly refer you to another agency to assist you. An application for services is attached below. The KCSE staff is available to assist you in the completion of the application for service and will be happy to answer your questions about the KCSE program.
*Note – please list only children with the same mother and father on one application.

Click to download application (PDF)
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