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Probation Department


Mission Statement

The Kickapoo District Court Probation Department is here to provide help, support and a balanced approach to the Offender, Community and the Justice System.

Our mission is to help restore balance to the offender (balance is a state of being in harmony with oneself, clan, tribe and creator) and assuring restorative justice to our community. Our approach is to use Evidence Based Practices (EBP) to bring symmetry back and re-center the Offender.

Evidence Based Practices (Why?)

Assess the client and improve the outcome while reducing recidivism through best practices. Use the best research evidence and assessments to develop interventions strategies that best serve the offender and community. Enhance collaborations between the court, treatment facilities and the community.

Probation Officer

Hello. My name is Joanna Flanders, BSW, MSW. I am the Adult / Juvenile Probation Officer for the Kickapoo District Court.  I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and my professional background experiences comprise of: Indian Child Welfare, Child Protective Service, Social Services and Family Violence.

I am grateful and honored to work for my Tribe and for the community. My duties consist of upholding the law with dignity, displaying an awareness of their responsibility to offenders while recognizing the right of the public to be safeguarded from criminal activity. In addition, it is my obligation to the tribal court and to the clients’ to monitor and locate appropriate resources to support my clients’ throughout the duration of their probation period.

My office is located at the Kickapoo Judicial Building at 822 K 20 Highway, Suite E, Horton, Kansas.

Adult/ Juvenile Probation
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